Marc Anckaert

biographieMarc ANCKAERT is an artist for whom the expression “Lyrical Abstraction” could have been invented. In any case, he is of key interest in relation to this expression, which suits him admirably if we look at the different techniques that are dear to him.

First, there are the engravings, with his prints, either fairly classical in style or re-worked in acrylic paint, in which the expansive force is firmly constrained within multiple ties, as if the artist feared that the formal character of his creations would escape him.

Then there are his paintings with interlacing that quivers with colours. Constituting a suburb alchemy, the energy of these works manages to create a pearly ensemble where an essential colour is nevertheless seen to dominate. What is curious and innovative is this sensation of throbbing, this exalting thrill of a vitality for which only Marc ANCKAERT knows the spell. Through this he conveys an imaginary world either characterised by serenity or a diabolical language, and at times even a feeling of the power inherent to nature and the elements.

André RUELLAN, art critic

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